A Call To Men

18 Apr

I want to never forget this talk.



21 Mar


Oh sheeeet.

1 Dec

This girl makes some serious lovelies: Teagan White.


21 Nov

This typeface is TOO beautiful. Designed by Moshik Nadav in 9 different styles and inspired by the fashion world. Delicate/Chunky/Amazing.
Look. At. Those. Ligatures. Lookatthem. Swoon.

This would be better if I had an iPhone…

28 Aug

…still a cute little video.

6 months, 5 places.

22 Aug

We’re not moving anymore, we refuse. 5 places in 6 months is plenty. This one is nice though, even if it did take a bucket of bleach to get rid of the cockroaches. THAT’S OK. We don’t have completely mental landlords so we’re much more optimistic! Our previous landlords STILL haven’t given us back our deposits pending “damages” (?!) so we’re preparing ourselves mentally to take them to small claims court. Deadly. BUT it’s all fine ‘cos we’re actually settling into an apartment for the 1st time since January and that is just loooovely. The vinyl sticker is courtesy of Hu2 Design who do some cute wall stuff. Total nightmare to put up though because it came in separate pieces and that’s coming from two people who had to be vinyl pros by the end of college. Whatever, it’s kick-ass and 100% sums up our decision-making process round about this time last year.
Fuck it.

Hipster Ipsum.

15 Aug

Obviously never using Lorem Ipsum again when this is an option.
“Homo freegan mustache”. Wonderful.

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